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Microcrystalline Feeding Machine
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■ Function

 ※ It’s used to feed the microcrystalline onto the g reen tile surface.

■ Technical Feature

 ※ The microcrystalline in storage hopper is transported to feeding hopper by special belt.

 ※ It make the microcrystalline distrubuted the belt evenly by regualting plate,then distributed on the su rface of the tile.

 ※ Thanks to the presssure roller,it press the microcrystalline more.

■ Application

 ※ Micro-crystallized stone with single or double firing.

■ Model and technical parameter

ModelMax SizePowerOverall Dimension (L×W×H)Weight

干粒布料机Dry Glazing Machine(for large slab)20201125.jpg

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