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Special Airless Machine
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■ Function

 ※ Machine for engobe , glaze or shinning glaze application.

 ※ It allows the application of spraying water on the evenly tile.

■ Technical Feature

 ※ Remove the shaded stripe when glazing, eliminating different color-tone defect. It grants best glaze spreading with a low glaze weight.

 ※ Achieving more angles and more spray guns spreading. It is possible to glaze on the cambered, irregular and ladder tile.

 ※ In the same condition, aperture of nozzle + spraying pressure=Work efficiency. You needn't adjust blindly any more, provide the hardware to support your data management.

 ※ Thanks to the optimal and mature design, can keep the pressure stable for a long time.

■ Application

 ※ Rustic tile, floor tiles, wall tiles, porcelain tiles.

■ Model and technical parameter

ModelMax SizePowerOverall Dimension (L×W×H)Weight
Main MachineSpraying Cabin

High Pressure Airless Machine

Special Airless Machine(Water-cooled type)

Special Airless Machine(large flow)

Dust Remover(wet type)

Special Airless Machine(Air-cooled type)

Screw Pump

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